A Pony

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Activated Collectible

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Space to use


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Dropped by Headless Horseman

Unlocked By:

A black horse's severed head.


A Pony is unique as an item as it gives passive effects as well as being an activated item. Upon pickup, Isaac's Speed will always be at least 1.5, he will get on a Pony, and gain Flight as long as he has the item.

Upon activation, Isaac will charge in the next direction he goes, with invincibility.


  • Picking this item up after fighting the Headless Horseman, putting it back on the pedestal, and using The Dice will allow you to re-roll the item.


  • The Virus - Hitting an enemy with A Pony will poison them, in addition to the regular damage by the charge.


  • The 'pony' is actually a hobby horse, a once common toy for small children.
  • Every Horseman is riding a hobby horse.


  • If the pony is used but no directional keys are pressed, Isaac is invincible as long as you do not move. This can be exploited as touching enemies damages them or with ranged Items like Epic Fetus as the player can still use the mouse to kill all of the enemies in the room, then deactivate the Pony. If the player needs to reposition while invincible, one method is to drop a bomb, as bombs can still be dropped while the Pony is active. Another approach is to bait an enemy into moving Isaac.
    • Using this bug as an exploit can result in Isaac getting pushed completely into a wall. This will result in both Isaac and A Pony's sprite disappearing, all of Isaac's hearts being removed without killing him and enemies in the room not attacking him. If this happens, you must restart your game.
  • Moving upwards while carrying A Pony with ??? will show the item's sprite instead of ???'s body.
  • If the pony is used against a closed Challenge Room  door, Isaac passes through without needing the requirements to open it.


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