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Beat Mom's Heart with Samson

A small drop of blood, with a bright light shining on it.


Isaac wears a red bandana on his forehead.

Increases Damage by 0.28 each time an enemy dies in the current room. Isaac and his tears turn red with more power gained. Isaac will also grow slightly larger with each kill. The damage boost granted from Bloody Lust maxes out at 3.3 damage after killing 10 enemies, however, 1 less than this value is added to your damage, meaning it will provide a max of 2.3 damage. Because of this, Bloody Lust is great for challenge rooms.

Samson starts the game with this item. Some enemies, such as Globin, and some bosses, such as Larry Jr., will increase damage during the battle as their healths are "tiered" to each other.




  • Enemies who kill themselves by walking into Fireplaces will count as "kills" to increase damage.


  • The bandana could be a reference to Rambo.


  • Sometimes Bloody Lust can be obtained without killing Mom's Heart with Samson.
  • Eliminating enemy shots in some manner (e.g. using The Candle or Necronomicon) will count as "kills" to increase damage.
  • At the starting screen, when picking Samson, his starting item is displayed as "Blood Lust" instead of "Bloody Lust"

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