Normal bombs are a staple item in the player's inventory. They are marked as the middle value on the player's HUD, above keys and below coins.

Bombs can be placed at Isaac's feet by pressing E, Shift, or Ctrl and will detonate after 2 seconds.

Bombs deal one full heart of damage to Isaac, unless the player has The Wafer.

Bombs are solid and can be pushed by Isaac, enemies, and tears for tricky shots and offensive purposes.

A normal bomb has an approximate blast radius of 2 squares when it detonates.

Any active bomb will reset its timer when another room is entered. A bomb that had its timer reset by exiting and re-entering a room will have an increased blast radius, identical to that of the bomb dropped by Mr. Boom. This can be used to the player's advantage by destroying more rocks than usual.

Bombs have various purposes which include:

Large BombsModifier


The Mr. Boom activated item will drop a large bomb. Large bombs are upgraded bombs that deal more damage (+50, meaning 110 damage) to enemies and have a larger blast radius (3-4 squares). Bombs can be permanently replaced by large bombs by collecting the Mr. Mega item.

Bomb UpgradesModifier

Icon Name Effect
Fichier:Bobby-Bomb Icon.png Bobby-Bomb Bombs follow nearby enemies, adds 5 bombs to the player's inventory
Fichier:Mr Mega Icon.png Mr. Mega Upgrades all bombs to large bombs, adds 5 bombs
Fichier:Boom Icon.png Boom! Adds 10 bombs to the player's inventory
Added in Wrath of the Lamb
Pyro Icon Pyro Adds 99 bombs to the player's inventory

Fichier:Bobs Curse Icon.png

Bob's Curse Bombs poison monsters caught in the explosion, adds 5 bombs

Bomb PickupsModifier

Bombs can be picked up when found (unless lit) and will be added to Isaac's inventory. Each bomb adds 1 to the total number of bombs carried, up to a maximum of 99. Special 1+1 Free Bombs can also be found which increase the number by 2. These have a 1/7 chance of replacing a normal Bomb.


Troll BombsModifier

Troll bomb

The Troll Bomb is a bomb that has a 10% chance to replace normal Bombs. They are also dropped by Pride, War, and other enemies. They cannot be picked up, and will explode a few seconds after being dropped. They also have an increased blast radius compared to regular Bombs.

Troll bombs are immune to Isaac's tears (not to be confused with lit normal bombs which aren't) but are solid and can be pushed around before exploding by the player or by enemies.

A Troll bomb explosion will deal normal bomb damage to enemies and 1 full heart damage to Isaac, like normal bombs.

Troll bombs are a reference to the popular internet meme, the Trollface. It's as if the bomb is "trolling" the player when they are dropped.

Touching a Troll Bomb in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC now displays the message TROLOLOLO at the bottom right of the screen, referencing Eduard Khil's famous "I Am Very Happy Because I Am Finally Back Home", more commonly known as "Trololo".

Super Troll BombModifier


Added in the Wrath of The Lamb DLC, Super Troll Bombs can follow Isaac over obstacles and will actively chase him until they explode a few seconds after they spawn. They have a 1/50 chance of spawning instead of a Bomb pickup but are more commonly found in Red Chests. These are also spawned by Super Pride and Super Wrath.

Combining Mr. Mega with Dr. Fetus with the Wrath Of The Lamb DLC will turn any fired bombs into Super Troll Bombs. This is only a cosmetic effect. Dropped Bombs function normally.

Alternatives to bombsModifier

Sometimes, instead of having to spend a bomb from an inventory, it's possible to break rocks, open regular doors or open secret rooms by other means.

Items that mitigate the need for bombsModifier

Also, a carefully placed bomb can take care of multiple targets.

Items that provide an unlimited amount of explosionsModifier

  • IPECAC (gives tears poison bomb effect)
  • Kamikaze! (causes you to lose one heart, unless you have an invincibility effect)
  • Dr. Fetus (replaces tears with bombs)
  • Epic Fetus (replaces tears with explosive missiles)

Explosive enemiesModifier

Some of these enemies can be tricky to make an explosive attack at desired location while it's easier for others. Many enemies in Wrath of the Lamb have green explosive shots which are easy to guide where you want them to.

Related TrinketsModifier

The MatchstickModifier


Carrying this trinket at any time slightly increases the odds that a bomb-type item will drop upon finishing a room.

The Burnt PennyModifier


While holding this trinket, every coin collected has a 50% chance of dropping a free bomb for the player. de:Bombs