In-Game Appearance

Tears Appearance


Item Type

Collectible Item

Pickup Quote

Shot speed up!


Collection Grid:

Recharge Time:

Boss Room

Unlocked By:

A black whip with multiple flails.


When picked up, gives Isaac bloody whip marks all over his head and face.

Increases Shot Speed by 23%, and increases range.

in rebirth increases shot speed and damage


  • When used in conjunction with Brimstone, the amount of time the laser is on the screen is lessened (meaning less damage potential), without any real plus.
  • When used in conjunction with Technology 2, Isaac shoots a tear along with the laser, but the tear goes at the slowest speed.
  • When used in conjunction with IPECAC, makes the vomit bombs fly faster, which increases the firing speed slightly and range significantly. This is usually detrimental as IPECAC is hard to use with high range.
  • Works poorly with Lump of Coal. Higher shot speed reduces the air time damage boost.


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