Chocolate Milk

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Charge shots


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A glass of chocolate milk.


Turns tears brown, and allows Isaac to charge shots to make them stronger and larger. Tears will no longer automatically fire while holding down arrow keys.

Shooter Familiars will still fire in the direction Isaac is facing while Chocolate Milk is being charged.


  • In certain situations, it may be more useful to fire multiple individual shots instead. Chocolate Milk will have increased tears slightly, but it will now be necessary to button-mash to fire normal tears at the current maximal tears rate.
  • With ???, the charge animation will not show properly, which can be troublesome.
    • This also applies to other characters after getting certain items, such as The Pact.
  • The damage state on the pause menu will change based on the damage of the last tear fired. This may be a bug.


  • Dr. Fetus - Makes it possible to charge bombs before firing. The bombs will be colored brown and will deal extra damage when charged. This effect only lasts for the room in which Chocolate Milk is picked up. Afterwards, the extra charge damage will not apply.
  • Chocolate Milk with Technology 2 on Cain locks the charge animation to power-up the laser and keep it going without holding the keys.
  • Makes uncharged Tammy's Head deal no damage.  Charged shots deal appropriate damage.
  • Makes Attack Flies deal no damage unless charging shots when the Attack Fly hits.  Despite this, the bugged Attack Flies instantly kill a Black Fly, Fat Fly, Pooter or Attack Fly.


  • Brimstone - The beam no longer needs to be fully charged to fire, however, it will deal less damage and the 'brimsnap' bug won't be applicable.  Going into another room while charging Brimstone will cause the first beam fired in that room to deal no damage.
  • IPECAC - Stacks, allowing charged shots to do more damage.
  • Technology - Stacks.
  • Technology 2 - Stacks.
  • Mutant Spider, The Inner Eye - All tears are charged.
  • Blood Of The Martyr - Allows for charged blood Shots that deal more damage than chocolate milk.



  • Rarely, the damage stat in the pause menu will randomly fluctuate at high speed due to Chocolate Milk and another combination of items. This is merely a visual bug that does not affect damage.

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