Cupid's Arrow

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Tears Appearance

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Passive Collectible

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Piercing shots


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Treasure Room

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An arrow with a black shaft and red fletchings.


Gives Isaac piercing shots that will travel through and damage multiple enemies. It also removes the knockback effect of tears. Shots don't go through obstacles other than enemies.

Tears can pierce through Knights. This allows tears to damage knights from all sides instead of just their backside. (The same is true for the Mask of Infamy)


  • The Parasite - Tears will no longer split when they hit enemies. They will still split if they hit a solid object, such as a Rock or a wall.


  • Polyphemus: Tears do full damage after piercing an enemy, whether it kills it or not, as opposed to Polyphemus' normal effect.
  • Spoon Bender: Tears home in on enemies and pierce them, giving the tears good crowd clearing capabilities. Shots will only home in on monsters once.
  • Sacred Heart - Creates piercing homing shots that pass through the enemy, then home in on the next.


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