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An ancient scroll with scribbled writing on the inside.


Upon activation, a completely random Activated Item effect (even locked ones) will occur. Most of the time, the item which the scrolls are mimicking is displayed as a message on the bottom of the screen. This item may harm the player (for example, by picking any self-damaging activated item effects); therefore, it is not a good item to use when low on health.

Possible EffectsModifier


  • As with most Activated Items, Items such as Habit, 9 Volt and The Battery decrease the charge time, increasing the effectiveness of this item. However, if the random effect by this item has a charge of 2 or less rooms, the 9 Volt will become useless if it is the only charge time modifier the player has.
  • Pill-related Items such as PHD or Lucky Foot work well with this item, as they prevent the player from receiving negative pill effects from a few of the random effects.
  • Trinkets such as Bloody Penny, Burnt Penny, Flat Penny and Counterfeit Penny work well with this item, as picking up coins spawned by a random effect of this item while holding any of these Trinkets give the chance of receiving an additional item.
  • The Anarchist Cookbook and Mr. Boom random effects of this item are affected by Bob's Curse, Bobby-Bomb and Mr. Megas' effects.
  • Any items spawned by this item are affected by Magneto's pull effect.


  • If you get the Wiggle Worm or Kamikaze! effect, you can use the item a second time.


  • The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of 972 biblical manuscripts from the Hebrew bible, found in a cave near the Dead Sea.


  • Using this item can cause enemies to "moonwalk" or walk towards Isaac without the animation.
  • Getting the Wiggle Worm effect will not provide waving shots, and will sometimes not use the charge.

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