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Gnawed Leaf is one of the new items introduced in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It appears as a green leaf with a bite taken out of it.


Upon pickup, Isaac gets a small brown ringtail, similar to that of a tanooki.

After standing still for a few seconds, Isaac will turn into a statue and become invulnerable as long as he does not move or fire tears. Some enemies (such as Mom's Hand) will still target Isaac, but will not affect him while he is a statue.

Synergies Modifier

  • Gnawed Leaf + 9 Volt + Any 1 charge item: infinite uses of a 1 charge item, however note that choosing the correct room to use this in is important, as some rooms will have enemies that surround Isaac and will injure him on item use.
  • Gnawed Leaf + Daddy Longlegs: When you turn into a statue daddy longlegs kills all the enemies for you, allowing a free clear of every room. A game breaking synergy.
  • Gnawed Leaf + A Passive-Offensive Item like orbitals will cause damage even in statue form. This can cause you to clear most rooms, including boss rooms, with ease. But it takes a while and is limited to the items you have.
  • Gnawed Leaf + Leech: If you like waiting, you can kill Gurdy with this combo in 15 minutes without even moving, a lazy man's dream.
  • Gnawed Leaf + Poison Touch: The enemies still take the poison damage in statue mode.
  • Gnawed Leaf + Gemini: Gemini will go around killing all of the enemies in range while the player remains still.
  • Gnawed Leaf + Demon baby: Demon baby shoots automatically at enemies, even in statue form.


  • This item is a reference to the Tanooki suit from Super Mario Bros 3, which also has a similar tail and the ability to turn into a statue.
  • This item could also be a reference to Tom Nook from the Animal Crossing series because the Animal Crossing logo is a leaf with a hole in the corner. Tom Nook is also a Tanooki

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