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Treasure Room

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A bundle of dynamite with a clock.


Causes an explosion in the same area as Isaac, causing one heart of damage, but also damaging monsters caught in the blast.


  • Damage received from this item does not count against "take no damage" achievements.
  • If Kamikaze is used right after taking damage, mercy invincibility will not help Isaac and he will still take a heart of damage.
  • Unlike Blood Donation Machines, this will use up Isaac's Soul Hearts first


  • The Wafer - Allows use of Kamikaze! for only a half-heart.
  • The Polaroid, Celtic Cross - During the period of invincibility granted by The Polaroid the player can repeatedly use Kamikaze for no cost. This may prove particularly useful if the player is relying solely on soul hearts, as Polaroid invincibility can be repeatedly used.



  • If you hold only one direction key while running against a wall and use Kamikaze!, Isaac won't take any damage at all unless you open up a Secret Room or Super Secret Room. This makes the item essentially an infinite bombs power up against rocks (and tinted rocks) close to the sides of a room, as well as a guaranteed way of finding the Secret and Super Secret Rooms on a given floor.
    • Even if you open up a room, you will only take damage if you run into it during the explosion. It is possible to open up a room without taking damage by staying slightly to the side of the entrance when bombing it.
    • This doesn't seem to work when running against a wall over a gap with The Ladder.
    • You can also use this trick for infinite bombs against enemies.