Midas Touch

Midas Touch Icon

In-Game Appearance

Tears Appearance


Item Type

Passive Collectible

Pickup Quote

Golden Touch


Collection Grid:

Recharge Time:

Treasure Room

Unlocked By:

Midas Touch is a passive item introduced in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Its icon a bullion made of gold.


Obtaining this item turns Isaac's torso golden.

Touching enemies freezes them and colors them golden for a few seconds.

If killed in this state, the enemy will drop 2 gold coins

If used in conjunction with E. Coli's effect, enemies will turn into golden poop.

Glitches Modifier

When fighting Mom, if you have this item. When the foot comes down to stomp the character, the foot will turn into gold, character does not take damage, and can safely move away from the foot.

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