Mom's Eye

In-Game Appearance

Tears Appearance

Item Type

Collectible Item

Pickup Quote

Tears up


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Recharge Time:

Treasure Room

Unlocked By:


Gives Isaac an eye on the back of his head, allowing him to shoot in both directions at the same time.

The shots from the back always shoot straight, even while strafing.

The shots from the back fire at random, so having a faster firing rate means a more common multi-shot.

Fires normal tears, even when used in combination with tear-changing items like Technology.


  • All special tear effects, such as The Parasite, also affect the tears shot by Mom's Eye.




  • The item is most likely a reference to the "eyes in the back of my head" idiom.

Related AchievementsModifier

"Mom's Contacts" - Collect Mom's Eye and any other Mom item in the same run.

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