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Quad shot


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A green, mutated spider.


Isaac gains four eyes and small fangs, similar to a Trite.

Each shot fires four tears in a narrow spread. Reduces Tears to minimum, but fire rate can still be increased with items and tears up pills.

The Mutant Spider effectively quadruples your damage, so even a player with low damage can achieve high damage output depending on how many tears hit the target.


  • The Inner Eye - Mutant Spider overrides The Inner Eye.
  • IPECAC - Completely overrides Mutant Spider, nullifying the quad shot effect with no increase to damage.
  • Chemical Peel - Has no effect. However, this DOES work on Cain, as he has a 50% chance of a tear having increased damage. Therefore, multiple Mutant Spider tears can have increased damage.
  • Mom's Knife - Overrides Mutant Spider with increased charge time and no increase in damage.
  • Dr. Fetus - No damage increase, with greatly decreased fire speed.
  • Stem Cells - Distorts shot pattern if Stem Cells are acquired first.


  • Technology - The laser deals tripled damage, but its fire rate is greatly lowered.
  • Technology 2 - The damage of the laser is increased, with the Quad Shot stacking.
  • Polyphemus - The damage bonus will be lowered from (damage+4)*2 to a flat +5 per tear.
  • Tough Love - More than one tear may be a tooth.
  • The Mulligan, Guppy - More attack flies will spawn, due to multiple tears hitting at once.
  • The Parasite - In most cases only one tear will split. 
  • Wiggle Worm - Makes all four tears fire in a waving pattern, which narrows down the spread of Mutant Spider tears.
  • Chocolate Milk - All four tears are charged for additional damage.
  • Brimstone - Overrides Mutant Spider, with tripled damage and the charge time greatly increased.
  • Mom's Eye - Mom's Eye always activates.



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