Pyromaniac Icon.png

In-Game Appearance

Tears Appearance


Item Type

Passive Collectible

Pickup Quote

It hurts so good +5 bombs


Collection Grid:

Recharge Time:

Treasure Room

Unlocked By:

Pyromaniac is a passive item introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Effects Modifier

  • Isaac wears what appears to be a burnt mask with a permanent smile.
  • The player receives five bombs.
  • All explosions the player is hit by will now heal for one red heart.
  • If used with ???, no soul hearts are generated, but he retains immunity to explosions.
  • This also makes the player immune to Mom's, Satan's, and other enemies' stomp attacks, making those fights much easier.

Synergies Modifier

  • Pretty effective with any explosive attacks, especially infinite ones, like Dr. Fetus and Ipecac, since it gives player unlimited healing ability. Can be effectively used with Blood Donation Machine.

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