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Complete The Womb with Judas

A gray fetus, with a robotic eye.


Follows Isaac around, shooting enemies with a Technology laser with unlimited range. The shots pierce enemies just like Technology. Shots are fired in a straight line; they cannot be angled and don't provide any knockback.


  • This item is excellent for killing enemies from a safe distance, especially against dangerous bosses and foes who don't have long range attacks. The laser will damage all enemies in a line, making it effective against tight groups of enemies (The Duke of Flies, for example).
    • The downside is that Robo-Baby doesn't fire as often and doesn't provide knockback, thus making battles against monsters that chase Isaac more difficult (Lust or Gemini for example).
  • The lasers fired can mimic Isaac's current tear effects, such as Mom's Contacts or Spider Bite.


  • When Robo-Baby fires his laser at the same time as another "laser-shooting" enemy, such as Vis, the laser will become significantly larger, similar to having Technology and Polyphemus. However, it does not actually affect the damage of his laser.


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Fichier:Robobaby.jpg "The Robo-Baby" - Kill Mom's Heart with Judas.

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