The Ludovico Technique

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Passive Collectible

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Controlled tears


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Description Modifier

The Ludovico technique is a passive item in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Visually, it looks similar to the item Technology and adds a strange contraption to Isaac's head. It allows the player to control a single tear instead of shooting consistently. The tear does damage over time to enemies it touches and can move over rocks and through enemies unlike normal tears.

The speed of the tear is determined by the Shot Speed stat.

Synergies Modifier

  • This item synergises extremely well with laser items (e.g. Brimstone) as it creates a permanent laser ring which can be moved around the room at will. Also if combined with Spoon Bender (homing tears), as the laser ring will deform and bend towards enemies.
  • It can also be combined with multi-shot items such as the 20/20, adding smaller tears orbiting around the central one.
  • If combined with Mom's Knife, each tear will be replaced by a knife.
  • When combined with A Lump of Coal the floating tear will increase in size and damage as it travels away from the player, and again, decrease in size and damage as it floats closer to the player.
  • With Strange Attractor, enemies will be drawn directly to the tear, unable to escape its pull and keeping them a safe distance from the player. If Lost Contact is added to that, it will also attract and destroy enemy projectiles.

Trivia Modifier

The Ludovico Technique is a reference to a fictional aversion therapy (of the same name) used in A Clockwork Orange. In this therapy the patient's eyes were kept open by a specula and the patients were forced to watch violent images while under the effects of a nausea inducing drug.

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