The Relic

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Complete The Womb with Magdalene

A blue cross.


Isaac is followed by a small blue cross Familiar that will drop a Soul Heart upon the completion of every fifth room.


  • When used in conjunction with other items that drop pickups (Little Chad, Bomb Bag, Sack Of Pennies), this will cause the Relic to drop a soul heart every seventh room completed, instead of five.


  • A relic is a very old or blessed religious item, preserved for veneration to confer spiritual merits upon the believer. They may have originally been made for religious purposes (such as an ancient crucifix, crozier, or icon that has miraculously survived the passage of time), or they may have been some other item that carried importance within the life of a holy person such as a saint, a martyr, or Christ. Some of the most common relics are the preserved body parts of saints or blessed individuals.


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Fichier:Cross.jpg "The Cross" - Kill Mom's Heart with Maggy.
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