There's Options

In-Game Appearance


Tears Appearance


Item Type

Passive Item

Pickup Quote

Multiple options


Collection Grid:

Recharge Time:


Unlocked By:
Donating ## pennies in the Store

There's Options is a passive item that is purchased through the Store. It is a white box with a black question mark inside it.


There's Options causes two item pick-ups to appear upon defeating a Boss. However, when you pick up one of the items, the other disappears.

Synergies Modifier

  • Using The Dice with the item allows for further manipulation of the item pool, with at least 4 choices for one roll.
  • Theoretically, using this item and defeating a Harbinger should allow you to choose between whether you want a Cube of Meat or Ball of Bandages, making obtaining a Level 4 Meat Boy or Bandage Girl much easier.

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