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Tiny Planet is a passive item introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Effects Modifier

Tears now revolve around Isaac's body at the distance of an attack fly until they hit the ground; also greatly increases range.

Tears will not hit 2-4 range in front of Isaac, thus aiming directly away from enemies in cardinal directions is most effective.

Tears fly through rocks, walls, and other obstacles (not enemies)

As of patch 1.01, it may render some rooms unbeatable; keep an escape bomb handy.

Synergies Modifier

  • A Lump of Coal - This item drastically increases the screen time of tears because it makes them orbit around Isaac for a few seconds. A Lump of Coal adds a lot of damage to tears in "outer orbit".
  • Brimstone - The beam will wrap around the character and shoot straight forward. As a side effect of this combo, the recharge speed of Brimstone becomes ridiculously fast.
  • Brimstone + Tammy's Head - Adding this item to the tammy's head + Brimstone(or playing as azazel) synergy allows even bigger burst around the character.
  • Spoon Bender - The tears are still revolving around Isaac's Body, but now home in on enemies.
  • Technology - A laser creates a circle around Isaac's body before being fired forward normally.
  • The Ludovico Technique - The tear orbits Isaac slowly when not controlled, and when controlled, the tears movement is distorted (it's attracted by Isaac's gravity field).
  • Mom's Knife - The knife orbits around Isaac quickly, going further and further the most the shot was charged, going back the same path it came from after reaching it's max range.


  • If the player fires away from close enemies, they can be hit quite easily.

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