We Need to Go Deeper!

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A grey average shovel with a brown handle.


Upon activation, a trapdoor which leads to the next floor is created. The trapdoor stays open for the whole duration of the current floor and allows the player to wrap up any unfinished business before entering the next level.


  • A trapdoor in The Womb 2/Utero 2 will always lead to Sheol, not the Cathedral.
  • It is not possible to use this item in Sheol, the Cathedral, or The Chest as these levels have no follow-up floors.
    • The Cathedral will not lead to The Chest, as in order to enter the Chest, the player has to hold the Polaroid trinket.
  • A trapdoor on the Depths 2 will lead to The Womb even if you have never defeated Mom and gotten the epilogue.
  • Using a trapdoor in Womb 2/Utero 2 will not count as a completion of the game.



  • This item's name is a reference to the movie Inception by Christopher Nolan, where the the protagonists must go deeper into a dream within a dream.
    • Internet culture has massively popularized the phrase "we need to go deeper" in reference to the movie.
  • Can be used for No-Damage Achievements, but only in the first floor of the Chapter, as the second boss must be killed for the achievement. (i.e, you can skip the Cellar 1, but need to kill the boss on the 2nd part of the level for the achievement)

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